Lighting Automation

Obot Energy designs and installs lighting systems for offices, retail stores, commercial centers and manufacturing facilities of all sizes and configurations. It is important to the operations of your business to have a lighting system that provides adequate illumination for the atmosphere and task. By choosing a lighting system that operates with automation and timers, you can program your commercial space lights to automatically come on during business hours and off again at the end of the business day. By utilizing astronomical timers, you can have exterior lighting illuminate your parking and entrance areas and have this timing automatically adjust with sunrise and sunset times throughout the year- maximizing energy efficiency and reducing electrical usage and utility costs. 

LED lighting is also a fantastic option for energy management in lighting- by using LED instead of halogen bulbs, you can increase your utility cost by a significant amount each month. LED’s have almost three times the projected lifetime of CFL bulbs as well, so this means less frequent bulb replacement and maintenance.

The cost of energy consumption continues to be an item of concern for managers of companies in small offices, consumer-driven retail spaces, and large skyscrapers alike. Products such as LED lighting, programmed lighting schedules that turn on or off according to operating hours, and layered lighting features that focus lighting in certain areas can increase energy efficiency and satisfaction for your employees and customers. 

Building owners and property managers might even be surprised to learn from a professional lighting audit that their offices may currently be over-lit. In addition to increased spending on energy consumption, this can affect the overall environment for both employees and customers.

A comprehensive lighting assessment with an Obot Energy electrician considers all goals for your facility, including long-term business and energy-efficiency targets as well as the functionality of existing lamps and fixtures. As a recommended vendor for Lutron and many other cutting-edge lighting manufacturers, we can determine the solutions that will be the best fit for your particular corporate environment. We can help you to compare energy usage rates and explore more efficient lighting alternatives to your property's existing technologies. Contact us today to schedule your estimate for a customized solution. 


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