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4 Tips for Choosing a Qualified Electrician

mmitchell wrote this on Friday, 01 April, 2016 in News
If you have a little knowledge regarding electrical work, you can easily change light bulbs and adjust your breaker when you've got too much plugged in. However, for pretty much any electrical work

If you have a little knowledge regarding electrical work, you can easily change light bulbs and adjust your breaker when you've got too much plugged in. However, for pretty much any electrical work beyond that, you need to hire a qualified, licensed, and certified electrician. This includes even the smallest of tasks, like installing an additional power outlet or light switch.

Why hire the professionals at OBOT Electric? Because a professional electrician can make all the different to the quality of the work done, while also ensuring you are safe from all electrical hazards. But, how do you choose the right electrician, and what makes them qualified? Here are 4 ways to ensure you are choosing a qualified electrician for your project. 

  1. Time for a Little Research
    When it comes to choosing the right electrician to handle your electrical work, it is important to perform a little research. You can start by searching the internet for a few electricians and list them down or you can ask friends or family members to refer you someone they know who can perform a professional job. Regardless of the research, it is vital you search for electricians that are certified and have the license to perform electrical work in your home. This ensures you get the best and nothing less!
  2. Browse Their Website
    Once you have shortlisted a few electricians, take a look at their websites to gain a little more information. This includes searching whether or not they are a local electrician and provide services in the local area of Seattle and the Greater Puget Sound. If not, look elsewhere to avoid being charged for the electrician to travel for the job. Apart from this, browse through the testimonials on the websites to gain vital details regarding the quality of job done and the level of consumer satisfaction. You can look for deals, work examples, or discounts offered by each electrician.
  3. Are They Licensed and Insured?
    While browsing their website, don’t forget to check whether or not the electricians are licensed, insured, and certified. Keep in mind the law states you must have a licensed electrician to perform electrical services in your home or business. This way, you can ensure all tasks done are guaranteed with 100% satisfaction. Hiring an electrician who carries insurance also protects you in circumstances where an accident occurs or there is any damage to your property during the work. So, if you find an electrician that can perform the job YOU need done, check if they are insured and licensed. If not, extend your search!
  4. Do They Have References?
    Most electricians have the ability to work on a wide range of projects (including commercial electrical tasks). And, the best ones have references for those projects. So, when it comes to choosing the right electrician, ask the ones you have shortlisted for a list of references. If they have no problem giving you the information, it means they have a good reputation. However, if they ignore giving you the references, don’t trust them, as they might have something to hide. A wiser option would be to look elsewhere till you find a company that is completely honest in providing services and PROOF of their quality work.

Find an electrician that offers the same price quote and then get your electrical work done! However, be wary of workers who ask for full payment upfront! Why? This suggests cash flow problems that aren’t exactly good for any person or business. Keep in mind you should only pay the full amount if you are completely satisfied the job done is correct and meets all safety standards.


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